Tetrathlon consists of 4 different sports, namely Swimming, Cross Country riding, Cross country Running and Shooting.  We currently hold shooting lessons throughout the year and Cross Country riding clinics throughout the summer.

TET 2015 – we may know what we’re doing…….some of the time.

It’s been a great year for SDHW tetters.

We made plenty of competitions last year, including Bodiam, Ardingly, Kent, Warninglid, Walton-on-the-hill and Hickstead.

Our under 8’s teams remained unbeaten throughout, and all age sections performed brilliantly – getting placed consistently at the above events. We most definitely held our own against the “super ” clubs out there, held our pistols the right way round, and held our breath whilst our kids rode unwalked xc rounds !

We have:

  • discovered a bunch of very talented children, ( the parents aren’t so bad either)
  • Set up training sessions with excellent (gold medal winning) trainers for all disciplines – running, swimming, riding and shooting.
  • bought proper kit we now know how to use.
  • encouraged the dads to be involved & not have to watch horses all day.
  • set our sights high for the future.

For me the years triumph was organising our first (& possibly last) event, to high acclaim, at the hallowed turf that is Hickstead.

I can’t thank enough the TET crew that took on this challenge – it’s a seriously big undertaking running 4 different sport events simultaneously and you need a seriously big calculator to tot up the scores.

Slightly embarrassingly our children won every class at this event – but this was down to their talent and effort on the day- & perhaps, their hardiness in cold water temperatures…

Seeing the children’s confidence and ability grow in 12 months is amazing.

For 2016, I would:

Really like to see our older girls, Esmay Grant, Georgia Downs & Bessie Tighe, compete at the qualifiers at Milton Keynes.

Make the journey with all our tetters to the south regional (friendly weekend) at Frome, Somerset….& maybe even the France friendly in Normandy.

Get our current stars of running and shooting into the Pentathlon early training programmes.

If you would be interested in giving ‘TET” a try then please register your interest with Jen Birkby – 07881 917412

For all Tet training times please see the ‘Calendar’ tab on this website.