Teams and Individuals Inter-branch Show Jumping- 06.08.22


Teams and Individuals Inter-Branch Show Jumping

The All England Jumping Course, Hickstead

By kind permission of the Bunn family

Saturday 6th August 2022

Open to Pony Club Members Only

  • REFRESHMENTS AVAILBLE SATURDAY ON THE SHOW GROUND Pre-order of clothing/merchandise is recommended. Order now:!!! PLEASE NOTE VACCINATION RULES APPLY AND WILL BE RANDOMLY CHECKED see rule pg !!! Only SDHW volunteers to use radios on Show Ground and car park.**ALL CLASSES ARE SINGLE PHASE**Please allocate one person from your team to contact the secretary


Timetable: Times and arenas to be arranged once all entries are in. Times will be sent to your organiser and available on my riding life


Gates open 3pm
Gates close 8.30pm
Course walk available from 5pm


Gates open 6.30am Secretary opens 7.30am Chief d equipe 8.15am Tack Check 8.15am First class at 9am

Directions and Parking: The All England Jumping Course, Hickstead is situated on the A23 London to Brighton and be approached from either North or South. Horseboxes/trailers Must leave the A23 at the junction signposted for BURGESS HILL, TWINEHAM and HICKSTEAD VILLAGE. Follow the signs for horseboxes into stablefield. Cars must not leave the A23 at this junction and leave at the junction signposted for the main showground.page1image29577344

Class 1 BREEN EQUESTRIAN- 70cm Teams Under 12 years old

£80 per team/ £20 Individuals

For riders 12 years and under on 1st January 2022. Last 6 jumps will be higher Combinations not to have competed in Novice level or above at Area Show Jumping or Area Horse Trials. Teams and Individuals placed to 6th place.page2image18979328

Class 2 – 4 FRONT CARS – 80cm TEAMS

Class 2- 4 Front 80cm Teams and Individuals (14yrs and Under)

£80 per team/ £20 Individuals

For riders 14 years and under on 1st January 2022. Last 6 jumps will be higher. Combinations not to have competed in Novice level or above at Area Show Jumping or Area Horse Trials. Team and Individual placings included to 6th place.page3image18980160

Class 3- MBO Electrical- 90cm TEAMS and Individuals

£80 per team/ £20 Individuals

Last 6 Jumps will be higher. Combinations not to have competed at intermediate level or above. Area show jumping or Area Horse Trials or been placed in the open class.
Teams and Individual placings included to 6
th place.page4image18986192

Class 4- JB Leisure Consultancy–1m TEAMS and Individuals

£80 per team/ £20 Individuals

Limited to two associate members per team. Last 6 jumps will be higher. Teams and Individual placings included to 6th place.

JB Leisure Consultancypage5image19037424

Clear Round- Sponsored by Spidge Photography

70cm clear round
90cm clear
£8 pay at ringside or card payments taken at secretary office


RULES Pony club rules apply with the exception of rule No:16

1.All competitors to be aged 4 and over on the day of the competition. All ponies and horses to be aged 5 and over on the day of the show.

2.Practice jumps will be flagged. They must be jumped with RED flag on the right.

3.Hard hats which comply with current Pony Club and BSJA safety standards must be worn correctly fitted at all times when mounted. Any competitor found wearing a hat which does not comply may be refused entry.

4.Jackets, riding boots and proper riding dress must be worn in the ring.

5.Entry fees will only be refunded on production of a Doctor or Vets certificate or in the event of cancellation by the Organiser, £2 will be retained for administration costs.

6.This is an unaffiliated competition run under Pony Club with some exceptions (note no 16) Please ensure you are aware of new whip and Stirrup rules. Check with your DC or organiser.

7.Objections to be made to the secretary in writing, with £10 cash deposit within 10minutes of the end of the class concerned. The deposit will be returned if the complaint is upheld. The judges decision is final.page6image29712448page6image18980784

Please note that we have an Event Photographer at this show, if riders or parents dopage6image29712640

not want photos taken please can you inform M H Photography on the day of the evenpage6image29714752

8.The organisers reserve the right to divide, cancel or alter the times of any class, or to refuse entry without giving reasons and amend prize money (if applicable) according to the entries.

9.Health & Safety: Riding is a risk sport. Competitors taking part do so at their own risk. The Organisers of this event have taken reasonable precaution to ensure the health & safety of everyone present. For those measures to be effective everyone must take all precautions to avoid and prevent accidents and must obey the instructions of the Organisers and all officials and stewards.

10.No responsibility is accepted for anything that may happen from any cause whatsoever to competitors, spectators, vehicles or property. It is a condition of each entry that each entrant shall agree to indemnify the Organisers and all officials and stewards against legal action arising from an accident.

11. To keep classes flowing, any competitor not presenting themselves ready to start in their declared position will be moved to the bottom of the declaration list.

12.Please use the rubbish bins provided. Individuals seen dropping litter on the show site are liable to be asked to leave the site.

13. No haynets or horses to be tied up outside of horsebox or trailer. Dogs to be kept on leads and both horse and dog droppings to be picked up.

14. ENTRIES CLOSE ON. 30/07/2021 Late entries may be accepted, space permitting and will be charged an additional £2 per class. Failure to comply with any of the above conditions will result in the competitors being asked to leave the showground and entries will not be refunded

15. Nobody must walk on the international show ring, if found doing so will be told to leave with no refund.

16. One fall eliminates horse and rider. The rider may not attempt another fence but must leave the arena immediately, mounted or dismounted

17. CHANGED FOR 2021 ONLY DUE TO MANY COVID ISOLATIONS: horse/pony can only jump one class but rider can jump more than one on another horse but not in a class more than one level above.

18. EVH- Currently you will need to provide a EVH virus form 24 hours before the show. However, this rule may change nearer the time. Anyone that has a positive EVH once booked will receive a refund as an individual and not the whole team on receiving proof of a positive test.


All horses and ponies entering the Showground must be vaccinated according to the requirements below, and vaccination certificates/passports must accompany the horse or pony to the show, and be available for checking.

There will be no tolerance of Equine Influenza vaccination certificates that do not meet show protocol, as seen below. If discrepancies are found, this will result in the horse or pony being sent home immediately, without competing and/or any prizes will be forfeited.
Primary Course 1st vaccination: day 0 (e.g. 1 Jan)
2nd vaccination: day 21-92 (e.g. 1 Feb)

May compete 7 days after the 2nd vaccination.

First Booster Within 7 months of the 2nd vaccination of the Primary Course (e.g. 1 Aug)

May compete for 6 months +21 days after the 2nd vaccination of the Primary Course. Must not compete in the 7 days after receiving a vaccination.

Boosters MINIMUM: within one year of previous booster vaccination. IF COMPETING:
must be competing in the 6 months +21
days of the previous booster


Must have been vaccinated within the 6 months +21 days before arriving at the Event. Must not compete in the 7 days after receiving a vaccination.