Are you interested in being selected for a Show Jumping Team Show representing Southdown Hunt West Pony Club.

Priority of selection for shows will be given to those that have attended three SJ training sessions. You will be expected to sign a code of conduct form 1 week prior to the event and failure to do so will result in your child not being able to compete in teams. Teams are so much fun for the children and the parents and it is so nice to watch the children encourage and support their fellow teams mates. We do expect the parents to also work as a team and help one another.

How to get involved in teams?– simply book on to the team training sessions and when you see the schedule posted on Facebook or our calendar or ask if anyone would like to join a team show you must express your interest. The instructors will then put some teams together and if your child has been selected you will be informed and asked to pay for their entry.


Dates for Show Jumping Shows

Sunday 11th Feb