SJ committee

Lisa Downs, Caroline Johnson and Sarah Barton-Smith

SJ Coaches

Currently our Showjumping coaches are: Alice Kinchen, AB Williams, Candice Dunlop and Kathy Willard, although this will rotate to other instructors after some time.

ShowJumping consists of three categories


General ShowJumping

As we head into the winter with a lack of light in the evenings we will mainly be booking venues with indoor schools weekday evenings and we will also aim to have some on Saturday day times. We will only have three riders in a group and the sessions will be 45mins long with a 5-10min debrief at the end of the session. We are hoping that by having less in the group the horses will get more valuable time jumping and there will be less standing around (however on some occasions we may allow one more in the novice groups where less technical riding and less fitness of the horse is expected).

In general show jumping rallies everyone is welcome from small xpoles being lead to 1.10m + (you will be given the choice of height to book on to as a guide). These sessions will concentrate on all aspects of jumping including the all important foundations of jumping -pole work/raised poles to grid work as well as turns, distances, paces, rules, speed offs etc etc.

Teams Training

This training will be held all year round with at least two training sessions a month (many more in the summer) we would like you all to come to team training, you don’t have to be out there doing shows currently, you don’t have to be experienced as this is why you come to the training! At the team shows we enter classes that start at xpoles so this really is open to all ability and ages. If you have never been to a show before this is the best place to start as you will not only be given training on how to ride at a show or how to warm up at a show, but you will find out how the whole event works down to the rules and guidance on what to wear, what tack your horse should be in, what the parents need to do.

For our more advanced riders that are out there competing a lot this training is going to be more technical than ever before, our coaches will be structuring your lessons and liaising with one another at each session to ensure every aspect of competing at SJ has been covered, you and your horses will work hard for 45mins to ensure a good level of fitness, you will cover all the above mentioned topics but at a more technical level.

There will be a maximum of 4 riders in a group but during the winter whist we are in smaller schools (indoor schools) there will be a maximum of 3 riders for 45mins with a 5-10min de-brief.

It can be very difficult for parents to book onto the same training dates as the child’s team mates so to ensure the instructors get to see the child and horse riding consistently we will put the training on all year round, this way our coaches will get to see the riders working with lots of different members and will get to know their strengths and weakness in order to be able to put strong teams together.

Priority of selection for shows will be given to those that have attended three SJ training sessions. You will be expected to sign a code of conduct form 1 week prior to the event and failure to do so will result in your child not being able to compete in teams. Teams are so much fun for the children and the parents and it is so nice to watch the children encourage and support their fellow teams mates. We do expect the parents to also work as a team and help one another.

How to get involved in teams?– simply book on to the team training sessions and when you see the schedule posted on Facebook or our calendar or ask if anyone would like to join a team show you must express your interest. The instructors will then put some teams together and if your child has been selected you will be informed and asked to pay for their entry.

If you are interested in Team Show Jumping please click here to find out more.

Are you interested in being selected for Show Jumping Area Regionals and Hickstead Teams representing Southdown West Pony Club?

How to get involved in teams?–
– Book on to SJ training sessions
– You must express your interest in this post. Letting me know you height preference.
-We will put on extra team training for you to attend

The instructors will then put some teams together and if your child has been selected you will be informed and asked to pay for their entry.

Visiting Coaches

Every school holiday we will be treating our members to a special day of coaching from some prestigious show jumpers/coaches. You will see some renown names appearing on the calendar soon!
PLEASE NOTE these sessions are coaching sessions only and as such the riders that book on will need to be confidently out competing at shows and jumping 75cm+ .

Show Jumping Rules

It is strongly recommended that you buy a copy of the appropriate discipline Rule Book(s) so that you always have it to hand for your competitions. All Rule Books are available from The Pony Club Shop at a cost of £3.50.

The 2020 Show Jumping Rule Book is available to download here