Landrover Champs at Keysoe 2018

Great time at the Landrover regionals at Keysoe – very exhausting but inspiring. Very proud of everybody who participated with special mention to Lorna Breen with Maximilion getting into the jump off and placing joint 6th individual Also to Bella downs and Solo Breeze with a lovely dressage placing 4th ! AND clear SJ to the jump off with an unfortunate stop.

Well done everyone and thank you for a lovely night.


Eti Noonan-Ward
Tilly Yurtserver
Bethan Holmes
Harriet Birkby
Lorna Breen
Holly Brook-Nash
Bella Downs

And our amazing helpers….

Leonie Harlington
Penny Harlington
Candice Dunlop
Jenny Driver
Lisa Downs
Teresa Ward
Tracey Pargeter
Morven Banks
Eleanor Yurtsever

Well done everyone