Hickstead International

Here is the rota for the International meeting in July.  This has been updated recently with many changes, so PLEASE READ to ensure you are available. The rota will also be available on our website. 

You will receive your tickets with free parking in the post soon. We really do appreciate your help with selling the programmes and by doing this very small task Hickstead very kindly allow us to use their prestigious venue for our teams jumping show and our residential camp. I am sure you will agree it is well worth those few hours of programme selling!

Our huge inter-branch teams show held at Hickstead in August is our biggest fund raiser. With the funds raised from this show we are able to continue subsidising all your rallies, costing you as little as £8 for some rallies.

Please let Hayley know of any changes asap before the tickets are sent out SDHWPC@gmail.com


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