About us

We are essentially a rural (as opposed to country or urban) branch and incorporate the commuter ‘corridor’ which lines the main A23 London to Brighton road which bisects our branch. The South Downs themselves separate the coastal strip from the rest of the area. The local is the Southdown and Eridge. Included in our area is the prestigious All England Jumping Course at Hickstead whose facilities we are able to use. Also in our area are the Brendon Horse and Rider Centre at Pyecombe, and Melrose Farm at Albourne, all of which offer large indoor schools for our winter rallies.

As a local branch of The Pony Club we try and offer a full programme of rallies and activities to all our members. Programmes are published each holiday and half term, and newsletters are produced at various times throughout the year. Rallies remain the backbone of each programme and over the year we try and include aspects of all disciplines as well as the more common flatwork and jumping elements. There is a structure in place for tests and we continue to encourage our member’s in gaining their badges.

We also actively encourage team participation in all disciplines and regularly field teams in Dressage, Show Jumping, Tetrathlon Horse Trials & Mounted Games. In recent years, we have seen increased levels of participation and success at all levels  and we hope to continue this upward trend with our high quality levels of training in all disciplines.