2017 rules for Inter-Branch Show

1. This competition is run under parts I, II and III of the Pony Club Show Jumping Rule Book for the year 2017, including tack and dress regulations. These rules will be strictly adhered to.

2. All Pony Clubs must appoint a Chef d’Equipe for the day and all formal contact with the organisers shall be through that person.

3. Teams to consist of 3 or 4 riders.

4. A rider, horse or pony may only compete in one class and for one team.

5. First Round: All teams to jump in drawn order (and will be timed in case of later tied results)
a. Second Round: All teams on a score of 0 will nominate 1 member to represent the team for final team placing. This member MUST have gone clear in the first round. Nomination forms must be filled out by the Chef d’equipe and handed into the judges box before the second round starts. If less than 10 teams finish on 0, the teams with 4 faults will also nominate 1 rider (who was clear in round 1). This round will count towards individual placings. If 2 or more competitors end on the same score and time in the second round then the 3 scores of their team members from the first round will be added together to establish the placing.

b. The rest of the competitors who jumped clear in the first round will jump in the second round to establish individual placings . Second round for all those required will be jumped in ORIGINAL DRAWN ORDER.

6. Combinations that have competed in Open Area Showjumping or Open Area Horse Trials cannot compete in classes 1, 2 and 3.

7. Each pony club will jump together as a team.

8. Competitors must be ready to enter the ring when called. If after ONE minute they are not present they will be eliminated.

9. The Chef d’Equipe shall be responsible for ensuring their team members are ready in all respects when called.

10. Competitors must enter and leave the ring as directed by the stewards. Any breach of these instructions may result in elimination.

11. Any rider whom the organisers or judges consider to be riding in a dangerous or inconsiderate manner will be asked to leave the showground and his/her team will be eliminated from the competition.

12. Any person whom the organisers or judges consider has misused either whip or spurs will be asked to leave and his/her team will be eliminated from the competition.


14. No cantering is allowed on the showground other than in the rings or warm up areas.

15. The organisers and the owners of the showground will be under no liability for injury, loss or damage howsoever occasioned, suffered by competitors, spectators, property, servants of horses in connection with or arising from this show.

16. The Chef d’Equipe’s digital agreement at online entry shall be deemed to be an acceptance of the conditions and rules by all team members.
17. The points for the Bramber Challenge Cup will be decided by allocating scores for the two highest placed teams for each pony club.

18. Entry fees will only be refunded if a Doctor or Vet’s certificate is produced, or, if the organiser cancels the event. £10.00/team will be retained for administration expenses.